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Design and installation of ATEX plants

The company ZANOCCO SRL offers highly qualified technicians in the design, installation and testing of electrical systems, fire fighting systems, special systems also in the food thigthly follow the directives 94/9 / EC and 99/92 / EC - Atex (ATmospheres EXplosibles). It deals with all the part relating to the automation, starting from the realization of the project, the wiring, the software programming until the installation and the start up of complex dosing, storage and transportation systems, in highly hazardous areas and environments at risk explosion, which milling industries, dryers cereals for industrial, industries for the processing of alcohol, etc ..., simple enough companies from an organizational point of view, given the high level of automation and low labor intensity; or pasta factories where automation is highest, and human intervention is limited to the drive and control of the machinery.