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Even without an Energy AUDIT obligation, it is clear that a dynamic and growing company cannot ignore the electric and thermal consumption of its production. It is necessary to optimize the available resources in the company, avoiding waste of energy, which is equivalent to wasting money. With the installation of our monitoring system, we are able to visualize in detail the consumption of your production site; for examples it is possible to understand if the compressors are correctly managed or evaluate in details all the expenses of electricity, etc…
The post-processing of our monitoring system allows us to view the active and reactive energy. In this way we can monitor the operation of the power factor correction or understand if it was correctly sized in the design phase. We can also see: the coincidence peaks in the production cycle, all the electrical and thermal quantities and everything necessary for an analysis aimed at energy saving. All the features described above can be read through a dedicated web portal, accessible from any web browser.

The main features are as follows:

a) Dedicated access to the plant by creating one or more users

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b) Personalized homepage with a summary view of the main instruments of the system. For each instruments set, the following sizes will be displayed on the home page:

a. Active, reactive and apparent energy related to the last 7 days reported in a bar chart
b. Trend of daily active power
c. If it concerns a production plant, it shows the daily and weekly income

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d. The design of the implants

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c) Technical analysis page of all the electrical quantities that characterize a system. The following quantities can be displayed, if available from the instrument in the field:

a. Phase-to-phase voltages
b. Phase to neutral voltage
c. Power
d. Active, reactive and apparent energy
e. Power factor
f. Active, reactive and apparent energy delivered
g. Active, reactive and apparent energy stored
h. Harmonic distortions

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It is possible to superimpose graphs of several instruments of the same size to make comparisons and/or evaluation.
It must also be taken into consideration that the quantities that can be displayed depend on the type of instrument installed. The instruments must therefore be evaluated appropriately according to the customer’s needs.


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