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Photovoltaic maintenance

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With the changing of the incentive conventions and regulations that require the producer continual adjustments, to repay the photovoltaic system investment, it becomes extremely important to maintain the system efficiently.

Zanocco LLC, in collaboration with ACEPER (, proposes the check-up verification of photovoltaic systems, which allows the preparation of a detailed report of the state of the plant in order to identify possible critical issues that seriously affect the efficiency of the plant and suggest proper intervention.

Thanks to its experience, Zanocco LLC is able to identify anomalies, such as the lack of a remote monitoring system, which seriously compromise the efficiency of the system.

Check-up does exactly "photograph" the state of affairs of the plant, checking in detail:

  • composition of the system, acquiring the characteristics of the main components, and the type of devices installed;
  • verification of system configuration;
  • analysis of production from the date of activation;
  • correct operation of the inverters;
  • integrity of the string fuses;
  • measurement of load voltages and load string;
  • integrity of the surge arresters;
  • integrity visual check of the panels;
  • visual verification of the state of the panels cleaning.

The documentation has also a great importance in the efficiency of the system, you must have fulfilled all the legal obligations to correct terms so as not to be questioned on the GSE incentive. During the analysis of the system, by logging in with the password in your possession, we will verify the documents filed on the portals.