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Design and installation of Antitheft systems

The company Zanocco SRL offers a wide range of products able to satisfy every user. Our burglar alarm systems are the best solution for every need of convenience, ease of use and safety.
We handle the installation, maintenance, design and even personalized management of integrated solutions useful to protect homes, buildings and private areas, commercial and industrial centers, sensitive sites or large outdoor surfaces.
The constant evolution of devices, the revolutionary technologies, the attention to the regulations, the modularity, the planning and management based on a single programming environment that uses the same tools and requires the same skills, make our safety systems capable of always ensuring the highest professional standards. A wide range of products meeting the highest regulatory standards, quality and safety are capable of solving any application need.
The range includes wireless security systems, wired with bus connection or mixed, central microprocessor, magnetic contacts, volumetric detectors for external barriers, phone dialers, beepers and lights, consoles with voice synthesis, graphic display, touch screen panels that inform and interact with the user in a simple and intuitive, proximity electronic keys, RFID cards , biometric fingerprint readers for access control and finally the telephone transmitters allow to extend the functionality of voice information transmission, in the form of data and in SMS format.
The constant pursuit of quality, together with the commitment and professionalism of our employees, are the basis of our success in the security and above all are our ongoing commitment to customers.