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ZANOCCO LLC is skilled in design, installation and maintenance of file prevention systems for protection of public administration, schools, health facilities, industrial, commercial and banking facilities and car parks. It is also able to offer support and consultancy for obtaining the project examination by the Fire Brigade for the issue of the fire prevention certificate, for the preparation of sworn expert reports on the operation of the systems and for the preparation of emergency plans and evacuation.

The fire detection systems must ensure the protection of goods and people inside the protected areas, promptly reporting the occurrence of a dangerous situation.

The evaluation of the type of fire hazard present in the places to be protected is the starting point for the choice of the Fire Fighting System suitable and perfect for the protection of people, activity and assets.

The various solutions of fire protection are:

  • System of automatic fire detection;
  • Automatic extinguishing system with water ("sprinkler");
  • Smoke and gases detection system;
  • Smoke and heat exhaust systems;
  • Fixed fire extinguishing (fire extinguishers, hydrants, etc.).

It is, in fact, possible to design various types of systems characterized by different devices, configuration and wiring adopted.

Generally they are four types:

  • Fire extinguishing system for tunnels
  • ADW system
  • ASD system
  • Central addressed system

The effectiveness of a fire detection system is closely related to the ability to promptly detect and report a dangerous situation, avoiding false alarms. Therefore, it is mandatory a specific and professional design of the fire detection system as well as the smoke and gas detection system.

Given the importance for the protection of people's safety, these systems are regulated at Italian and European level. It is therefore essential to turn to professionals in the sector, able to carry out all the tasks prescribed by the law and by the Fire Brigade.

Below, a video of the first extinction test of an open field fire.

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