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Design and installation of video surveillance systems

The company deals with the installation of complete video surveillance systems. A typical installation includes:

Video server: the video server is a computer equipped with special software that allows you to manage cameras from local and remote. It handles to display camera images on a dedicated monitor. The video server may contain the data storage unit in the interior, or interface with external memory groups not necessarily local. There is the possibility of creating the collection of data points located in the case in which the length of the Ethernet cables (max. 90 m.) is not sufficient to reach the central server. All collection points will be connected by optical fiber.
Video server software: it is a key part to ensure proper operation and optimum plant management. It allows you to configure the recording of cameras and the storage modes (motion recording, continuous recording, recording only if movement is felt in one part of the screen, etc ...). The management software also allows you to view the cameras on your smartphones, using proprietary or compliant applications.
Cameras: There are many models of cameras, depending on your needs and budget. Some models require a separate power supply from the network cable; for other models is sufficient to ensure the connection to the network cable, which also provides the power supplied from a hub POE (Powered on ethernet). Different models available allow you to choose the most suitable configuration for infrared night vision, wireless to reach the most difficult places, and many other choices.

Images of the new cameras installed in a known Piedmontese company. They exploit the POE technology, so do not require separate power supply than the network cable. As management software they use the Milestone, which allows an individual configuration of each parameter