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Thanks to 30 years of experience in the electrical systems fields, Zanocco LLC carries out the best technical solutions for the design and installation of thermal power plants of all size, both in the public sector (e.g., schools) and in the private one (e.g., houses), In Italy and abroad


Zanocco LLC deals with civil electrical installations in residential units, business offices, business premises etc ..., starting the set up of the construction site until the testing and delivery to the plant and its compliance certification (DICO) according to DM / 37 / 08.
The whole design phase is carried out in collaboration with SMI Sicurezza e Automazione LLC company of highly skilled designers, who are in charge of developing the entire project and carefully check that the plant is built as per design specifications.
With the entry into force of the CEI 64-08 / V3 All.A., since the 1st September 2011, the electrical system of civil homes must have the minimum equipment installation, that is to say that it must be classified at least at level 1. The standard provides, in fact, the division of civl electrical systems in three levels:

  • Base Level (Level 1)
  • Standard Level (Level 2)
  • Home Automation (Domotics) Level (Level 3)

The classification of the levels also takes in consideration the surface extension bands, which determines the number of components to be installed in each room. For more information about levels, classifications and Standards, visit impianti Zanocco

Regarding building renovation, it is needed to ask an expert to issue the compliance statement (DIRI), which certifies that the plant complies with current regulations. The assessment must be done by a qualified technician, who will be in charge to carry out specific tests on the system, required by law.


Zanocco LLC is able to offer integrated solution for the automation of the parts of an electrical system within any kind of environment. In collaboration with notable companies as Creston (, widely known as a manufactured of conference rooms, home theatre and A/V control, we have developed solutions that meet the needs of home, offices, hotels or fully integrated buildings, providing a single open interface for all the electrical installed devices.

Thanks to our technology solutions in the field of residential and services, it will be possible to obtain:
  • Easily control of whole home technology (TV, music, lighting) using a touch panel or an app on your smartphone;
  • Schedule and automate repetitive tasks, such as lowering curtains, adjust lights, opening/closing doors and temperature setting;
  • Create the perfect environment for different activities like watching movie, welcome guests …, all with the touch of a button;
  • Accurately tracking of energy consumption to help to reduce energy costs and emissions, managing plants producing renewable energy.
  • Update the system to take control of all the technologies as they are added to housing
  • Include all commands of the push-buttons and remote controls on a simple interface touch panel.
Zanocco LLC proposes, for domestic use, a “Domotics full package”, a real integrate automation solution. Since it is your home and your life, you have to aim to the best. Everything needs to be complete, easy and trouble-free.
sistema integrato

With Domotics you are able to easily take under control each zone of your house, room by room, using our touch panels or remote controls, anytime and everywhere you are, using your preferred smartphone/tablet.


Touch panel and remote controls

pannello  telecomando  boh

Customizable keyboards and glass keyboards with “soft touch”

ambiente      touchtastiera

Touching any key “scenario” you can set everything in any room, at any time of the day, from the “awakening” to the “good night”. You can create an unlimited number of scenarios and you can customize your preferences.

All these are the ingredients of a perfect automation system: once integrated in the same architecture, all systems can be locally or remotely controlled from a centralizes supervisors or from an IPad, IPhone or Android.

All the rooms and all the single apartments can perform the local control, as well as the global control, it depends only on the priorities that can be decided by the customer and implemented in the software. It also results in the elimination of different keyboards, plates, controls installed on the wall, so as to eliminate the imperfections of equipment that are different from each other, but using a single smart and elegant interface.

Zanocco LLC is able to satisfy any necessity of yours proposing different type of control systems as:

  • Control and monitoring for indoor and outdoor lightening
  • Supervision and setting of climate control;
  • Door System / Videophone
  • Alarm and security;
  • Multiroom audio system;
  • Distribution system audio/video HD/4K on the CAT 5E cable;
  • Specials remote controls in wet areas (SPA and swimming pools).