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Design and installation civil electrical works

The company deals with civil electrical installations in residential units, business offices, business premises etc ..., starting the set up of the construction site until the testing and delivery to the plant and its compliance certification (SAY) according to DM / 37 / 08. The entire design phase is carried out in collaboration with a company of highly skilled designers, who are in charge of developing the entire project and carefully check that the plant is built as per design specifications.

With the entry into force of the CEI 64-08 / V3 All.A., since the 1st September 2011, the electrical system of civil homes must have the minimum equipment installation, that is to say that it must be classified at least at level 1. The rule provides, in fact, the division of civl electrical systems in three levels:

  • Base Level (Level 1): It consists of an essential framework which allows you to save money, without sacrificing security. A plant of this type helps to avoid domestic accidents due to malfunction, but also to ensure a constant and an accessible supply of the electric current in all home areas.
  • Standard Level (Level 2): Compared to the previous, this level helps to further optimize the use of electricity, providing load control systems to reduce waste. This equipment also includes video entry systems, anti-theft and it is expected to increase outlets and light fixtures.
  • Home Automation Level (Level 3): The home automation level is for those who can not do without technology even at home. The electrical system is transformed into a true home automation system, equipped with the most varied functions: anti-intrusion, load control, lighting control management, temperature, scenarios, remote control, public address system, fire detection, anti-flooding system gas detection.

The classification of the levels of the dwelling also takes place for superficial extension bands, which determines the number of components to be installed in each room.

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As for the building renovation you have to ask a freelancer professional to issue the compliance statement (DIRI), which certifies that the plant complies with current regulations. The assessment must be done by a qualified technician, who will do the tests on the system, required by law.