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Design and installation of home automation systems

The company Zanocco sas is able to offer integrated solution for the automation of the parts that make up an electrical system within any environment.

The concept of “Integrated Home Technology”

The times are rapidly changing and we try to follow them. In collaboration with notable company as Creston (, widely known as a manufactured of conference rooms, home theatre and A/V control, we have developed solutions that meet the needs of home, offices, hotels or fully integrated buildings. We have brought into one open interface all the electrical devices installed in a building.

As the world becomes increasingly digital and a variety of electronic devices enter in our homes, wouldn’t it be nice to avoid clutter and control everything with simplicity through a single device?

With our proposals, this is possible.You can control all devices such as TV, DVD players, CD, Blu Ray and music and at the same time you can monitor and adjust the lighting, temperature, curtains, blinds and security system (alarm and surveillance), anytime, anywhere from your I-phone, I-pad or Android devices.

Thanks to our technology solutions in the world residential and services, you can:

  • Easily control all the home technology using a touch panel or an app on your smartphone
  • Schedule and automate repetitive tasks, such as lowering curtains, adjust lights, opening/closing doors and setting temperature
  • Create the perfect environment for different activities like watching movie, welcome guests etc …, all with the touch of a button
  • Accurately track energy consumption to help to reduce energy costs and emissions, managing plants producing renewable energy.
  • Update the system to take control of all the technologies as they are added to housing
  • Enter all commands of the push-buttons and remote controls on a simple interface touch panel.

Home Automation: the complete package

When we are dealing with our home and our life we can’t keep us satisfied. We should pretend to get the maximum. It is necessary that everything is complete, easy and hassle and that’s what an integrated solution should be.

sistema integrato

With this system you can easily control every device in your home, room by room, using your touch panel or remote control, anytime, anywhere from your smartphone/tablet.

Touchpanel and remote control

pannello  telecomando  boh

Customizable keyboards and glass keyboards with “soft touch”

ambiente      touchtastiera

Touching any key “scenario” you can set everything in any room, at any time of the day, from the “awakening” to the “good night”. You can create an unlimited number of scenarios and you can customize your preferences.

All these are the ingredients of a perfect automation system: once integrated in the same architecture, all systems can be locally or remotely controlled from a centralizes supervisors or from an IPad, IPhone or Android.

It becomes possible the deletion of keyboards, plates, controls installed in the wall, eliminating unsightly equipment different from each other in favor of a smart and elegant single interface. All the rooms and all separate apartments can perform both local and overall control, this depends only on the priority of the customer.

The proposed systems:

Control and monitoring for indoor and outdoor lightening

Regardless of the lighting system used, any operation related to the lightening control can be carried out by all positions. Raise/lower levels, view the status or store the scenarios is a simple operation that any users can make. All automated and planned strategies are handled in each case by the system of supervision based on an astronomical calendar of 365 days, in aim of saving energy. Even the presence of volumetric and light sensors plays a key role in this mission. Bringing a color map of the house on the touch panel, the access to all lighting controls will be simple and immediate.

Supervision and setting of climate control

From the panel you can set the desire temperature in each zone and recall specific functions of heating and cooling. This function is dependent on the chosen system and it can be change according to it.

Door System/ Videophone

The panel allows the response to an external video entry system and the activation or not of the openings of the gates and doors. You will be able to see the video, talk and answer and unlock the door from any touch panel, or from the one you choose or from the remote by using your phone. The videophone can record a message. The user can leave a generic message visible to those who will approach to the entrance panel. This function is available with the advance video based on SIP protocol.

Alarm and security

The touch panel displays the status of the alarm system, as well as feedback from security camera. With a simple click, you can switch the view of the camera from a mosaics to a more thorough and detailed image. Always with a click you can also call the security service.

Multiroom audio system

With the control of the multiroom audio entertainment (volume, source, search songs, etc …) you can search for tracks and playlists and play them in any environment or just in the rooms you choose and with the desired volume. Local radio or audio source in the room, everything is centralized.

Distribution system audio/video HD/4K on the CAT 5E cable

As the multiroom audio system, even the video distribution system should be located close to the reception or in a single rack. In order to structure a system with a simple infrastructure in CAT5E or higher, but which allows the signals distribution in high resolution, the proposed solution is based on the Digital Media system. Done already for the distribution of signals 4K and equipped with modular architecture, the Digital Media system still allows the simultaneous presence of signals in the most common video format.

Specials remotes

For the control in wet areas (SPA, swimming pools) it is possible to use the remote control waterproof which is able to withstand moisture and water.