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Zanocco LLC offers qualified personnel to design and install LPS (Lightning Protection Systems) using innovative solutions applied to lightning protection, in collaboration with the company SIPF (Roncarati LLC).

The innovative system is not only a way to ensure lightning protection system but is an entire and complex solution in the world of lightning protection, a way of going out of the usual schemes, more flexible, more secure, simpler, faster and qualitatively superior.
The whole system allows to reach an improved efficiency in lightning protection systems. It allows freedom of movement, it does not need supports, it is built with high quality materials, it is born as an isolated system, but its versatility makes it particularly interesting for all structures.
It does not increase weigh of the structures. It has an electrical conductivity five times higher than galvanized steel; it does not undergo aggression by atmospheric agents and it has a building time highly shorter in comparison with traditional systems.
In particularly sensitive systems, such as photovoltaic, it is always advisable to take measures against overvoltage and check if the entire system is subject to direct lightning.
The conditions of the funding for the incentives to implement these systems lead to consider the optimal investment only if maintenance is minimized and the equipment in the system are extremely reliable. Weather events can destroy this balance and should be considered, both from the structural point of view for wind, hail or other, but also for electrical problems generated by lightning.
The system is complete when in the system is planned a suitable internal protection which has the purpose to avoid the occurrence of dangerous discharges inside the structure, that must be protected during the passage of the lightning current over the LPS or inside the metallic components of the structure. The installation of surge dischargers (SPD) in the system and a correct potential equalization and / or electrical insulation, drastically reduces the possibility of an overvoltage to damage the electrical and electronic equipment, but for this it is extremely important the proper installation and the right sizing of the dischargers.

The company Zanocco offers a top service in terms of design and sizing of all the equipment needed to the complete system realization.

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