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Networking is the set of network systems that underlie the connectivity between the various devices, whether they are intended as internet connections or as exchanges of data and information within the same structure.

Zanocco LLC is able to supply the best available alternatives on networking fields, according to needs requested by the Customer.


It is a term that has been in use for a few decades and identifies the necessary infrastructure for information transfer inside a specific area or building, composed by all the passive components (rack, fiber optic and copper connections, patch cables and connectors) installed as per standard in use.

Zanocco LLC is able to provide structure cabling in order to support different types of LAN networks enabling data and signals transmission, depending on the expansion need of the transmission system itself.

A good structured cabling is the essential starting for having an efficient and productive corporate IT network. In modern companies it is connected to servers, Pc client, telephones, surveillance cameras, access control and to an ever-increasing number of service devices.

Consequently, the data network must always be more performing and needs a correct design in order to have the desired performances.

Zanocco LLC provides for complete designing of structured cabling system composed by:

  • Study of the structure settlement and the sizing of the equipment;
  • General layout of the site plan and count of racks and network sockets;
  • Layout of Rack Cabinets;
  • Wiring diagram of the fiber optic interconnection between racks;
  • Detail wiring diagram for linking of individual fibers in optical drawers;
  • Excel table of patch copper patch panel permutation.


Zanocco LLC offers fibre-optic wiring ensuring:
  • Supply and installation of best brands optical fiber: single-mode, multi-mode and with every type of connectorization and outer sheath;
  • Certification made through a hot junction of the fiber done with View3 InnoInstrument;
  • Certification of the point done with OTDR Exfo MAX-720C;
  • Release of the Certification document in PDF.
Zanocco LLC is able to attend in specific case of failure providing:
  • Visual check of the fiber, bush and patch panels, where it is possible;
  • Connectors cleaning with a specific kit;
  • Bidirectional measurement of the section with OTDR instrument: electrical continuity check, signal attenuation check, length, detection of interruptions, cable stress, reflection;
  • Release of a detailed report with indication of the characteristics and a list of the possible repair work to be carried out.
Zanocco LLC offers solution of rack cabinets and horizontal wiring ensuring installation with final certification issuing in PDF of:
  • Wall, floor and server Data racks;
  • Custom rack with special measures, for outdoor use, in stainless steel;
  • Copper wiring and connections with final testing of the system with Fluke DTX tools.


Thanks to the collaboration of external always updated experts and top-quality manufacturing companies, we are able to design and implement:

  • Revamping of Rack Cabinet, with replacement and arrangement of all cables;
  • CED rooms with air conditioning sizing, Rack Cabinet, UPS;
  • Wi-Fi with special coverage simulation software;
  • Video surveillance on IP;
  • Digital switchboards and VoIP;
  • Access controls devices with transponder, badge and biometric reader;
  • Audio and video door entry systems on IP;
  • GSM-UMTS field extenders for signal coverage inside buildings.