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The idea of a monitoring system was born from the need to monitor operation of the photovoltaic systems.
More and more plants are left on their own, without any control by the customer or installation companies, with considerable economic losses.

Monitoring allows you to monitor daily the efficiency, ensure the proper production of energy by means of a detailed analysis of the system, and through a comparative analysis with the same features installed systems in the same area.

Zanocco LLC performs the installation of a monitoring system, able to communicate with any type of inverter with a serial port, for the control of the following plant electrical values:

  • Viewing of the correct operation;
  • Sudden production;
  • Storing data on dedicated server;
  • Inverter reading, string panel, fiscal production exchange counters and exchange counters;
  • Analysis of the daily, weekly, annual, monthly and total production;
  • Analysis of the inverters for power, voltage and current;
  • Realization of easy intuitive graphics for analysis of production, placing on the network and farm consumption of energy produced;
  • UTF Registry fill out;
  • Receiving of notifications on the anomalies of your system by sending messages (SMS or Email);
  • Sending a summary report at the end of the day, the activities of your plant.