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In view of the Legislative Decree of the 4th July 2014 n. 102 implementing the Directive 2012/27 / EU on the energy efficiency, which came into force on July 19th, which introduced an obligation for big companies, and companies in energy-intensive to carry out an energy audit by the 5th December 2015 and every four years, in collaboration with UNI CEI 11352 certified companies (ESCOs).
With our systems, we are able to monitor the electrical and thermal consumption for the companies with energy-AUDIT requirements.


For big companies
Large companies have the obligation to be implemented by December 5th, 2015 an energy audit, and then every four years, according to the requirements set out in Annex 2 of the decree. This obligation does not apply to large enterprises that have adopted management systems conform to ISO 50001 or EMAS and EN ISO 14001 standards, on condition that the management system concerned includes an energy audit. They classify large companies, the company that have a higher staff to 250 people, a sales volume of more than € 50 million and an annual budget of more than € 43 million.

For energy-intensive businesses:
Companies with a strong energy consumption (energy-consuming) will be required to perform energy audits with the same maturities of large enterprises, regardless of their size and to implement progressively the work identified or alternatively to adopt management systems that conform to ISO 50001.