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Hydroelectric plants

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The most important advantage of a PV monitoring system is that it can be applied to the control of both hydroelectric power plants manufactured by us or to already functioning hydroelectric plants.

The system monitors the following electrical values:

  • Displaying the regular operation;
  • Instant production;
  • Data storage on dedicated server;
  • Inverter reading, string panels, fiscal production counters and exchange counters;
  • Analysis of the daily, weekly, annual, monthly and total production;
  • Analysis of inverters for power, voltage and current;
  • Creation of easy intuitive graphics for the analysis of production, placing on the network and farm consumption of energy produced;
  • UTF Registry fill out;
  • Receive notifications on the anomalies of your system by sending messages (SMS or Email);
  • Sending a summary report at the end of the day on the activities of your plant.