Industrial systems

Zanocco SMI builds industrial plants in companies and industries reducing management costs and optimizing energy consumption.

The solutions that Zanocco SMI finds for plants that are energy-wise obsolete can concern updating the systems, electric panels and lighting, fire extinction and renewable sources following current regulations by our technical office and our highly skilled experts.

Concerning new production activities that require top notch systems, Zanocco SMI offers industrial plants with technology that is on the cutting edge.

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Services Industries

The Services sector is one of the widest and most important sectors since it is collateral to primary and secondary sectors.
This category includes offices, supermarkets, restaurants, shops, schools, hospitals tourist facilities and other structures. The amount of different activities that are carried out in this sector imply having great flexibility and knowledge of the many requirements pertaining to each area.

Zanocco SMI, due to many years of experience gained working with this sector, is specilised in creating electrical systems to suit the activities of Services industries starting from pinpointing the customer’s needs when designing the system up to installation and final activation.

Our clients come to SMI SRL for the high professionality and competence they encounter and they choose us again, also after many years, for further expansion of their plants.

MV Panel And Systems

Electrical cabinets and medium voltage panels are main components for secondary distribution required by industries. They play a key role since they are the link between the electricity distribution board and the distribution system of the final client.

Because they are of primary importance, these systems must be created by highly and specifically skilled technicians concerning safety applied to workplaces and the choice of quality main components in order to guarantee uninterrupted operation and safety with the final use during normal running activities of the systems.

Zanocco SMI installs and activates reception cabinets and works on transformation and MT/BT transformers. Furthermore we carry out regular and exceptional maintenance on this type of systems, intervening promptly in order to regain normal operating service.

LV Panel And Systems

Low voltage systems and panels are the core of an industry’s electrical system . It is essential that this type of system is designed and built to perfection also based on the location it occupies. These range from ordinary to high fire risk or risk of explosions, medical use or public venues etc.

Zanocco SMI builds low voltage industrial plants in companies and industries:

■ Power center (or main distribution panel) is the first level of BT distribution and has high operating current and short-circuit resistance.
■ Secondary panels represent the second level of distribution and have lower operating current.
These are where cables, cable ducts, links , busbars and all components used for electric distribution enter.
■ Final use, like lighting, utility power, motors and generally speaking, all components that are powered by electric energy.

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