SCADA show room Mitsubishi

New SCADA for Mitsubishi Electric signed by Zanocco SMI!

We were contacted by Mitsubishi Electric as they needed to move to a new headquarters where the new showroom for the presentation of their products would be built.

Zanocco SMI has recently built and installed a new scada system for this important customer.

The Scada is the acronym for “Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition”, more specifically it is a distributed computer system for monitoring and supervision of physical systems. It is a technology in constant evolution, hand in hand with the progress of electronics, information technology and telecommunication networks, mainly used in the industrial and infrastructural fields.

For all production companies that want a top system, Zanocco SMI SRL offers industrial plants with cutting-edge technologies depending on the type of business, providing the most appropriate solutions to business needs.

In the field of industrial automation, Zanocco SMI Sicurezza e Automazione SRL designs, manufactures and carries out the commissioning of automation systems (assembly, handling, testing, functional checks …) thanks to a team of highly specialized System Integrators (SI) technicians , able to manage complex automatic systems, with the help of modern technologies, to meet the specific requests made by the customer who wants to improve the production cycle of his company and is interested in operating in the world of the fourth industrial revolution by digitizing his company.

For the construction and development of its automations Zanocco SMI SRL is System Integrators of Mitsubishi Electric products and devices.

Zanocco SMI SRL is also able to develop software (on PLC, HMI, customized SCADA platforms, robot software) for industrial automation and process controls in general, evaluating the resources necessary to manage the application, proposing different configurations to obtain the best result. and using state-of-the-art equipment to easily connect and integrate with any measurement and control device around the world and to transmit information to local or remote clients.

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