Zanocco SMI in Brazil to commission a new safety plant for major global customer.

In the production of chocolate spreads and snacks, Zanocco SMI recently played a key role in the installation of a new plant for one of the world's largest manufacturers in the sector.

The request for action was made by the client with the goal of ensuring maximum operational safety of its productions. To meet these requirements, Zanocco SMI sent its own specialized technician to Brazil to carry out the necessary plant improvements.

The new plant consists of advanced fire detection and prevention systems; these systems are designed to promptly identify any anomalies, such as overheating or fire starts, and take immediate mitigating measures.

With such state-of-the-art devices, the client can now enjoy complete operational peace of mind, knowing that they have adopted best safety practices and minimized the risk of fire.

The collaboration between Zanocco SMI and the client represents an important step forward in the food industry, highlighting the company’s focus on providing customized, state-of-the-art solutions for plant safety.

Zanocco SMI’s priority has always been to ensure the protection of its customers’ people, property and assets while maintaining high standards of quality and regulatory compliance.

Thanks to Zanocco SMI’s intervention, the chocolate spread manufacturer can now focus on the production and distribution of its products, trusting the robustness and efficiency of its roasting plant.

Zanocco SMI will continue to work diligently to offer innovative and safe solutions to its customers in the food and related industries, establishing itself as a benchmark in the field of industrial plant safety.


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