Zanocco SMI Team in India

Our technical staff is in India to follow some projects for one of our important customers in the chocolate sector

Zanocco SMI is highly specialized in preventing and / or containing the risk of powder explosions in the bakery, pastry, chocolate and pasta sectors.

We develop safety solutions for storage, pneumatic conveying and dosing systems for flour and sugars.

We are able to prevent the risks from explosive atmospheres, i.e. mixtures in the air of flammable substances in the state of gas, vapors, mists and / or dusts at atmospheric conditions.

We are well aware that this risk is present in the bakery sector due to the presence of combustible powders created, for example, by wheat flour or sugar.

In fact, the powders of natural organic substances, “such as wheat flour and sugar, are combustible and can give rise to both fires and explosions”.

The main substances from which the risk of explosion derives in the companies of the sector are made up of: natural gas (methane) for feeding cooking ovens for food products; wheat flour; sugar.

It is precisely the latter that generate the possibility of forming explosive atmospheres and the sensitivity to ignition sources is greater the smaller the average size of the particles.

Dust explosions are perhaps as common as those caused by flammable vapors or gases, but just as dangerous because they can damage machinery, materials and products or, worse, endanger the life of the personnel working in the plant. 

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